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Our Story...

ShopHeather is a Small Business located in Philadelphia, PA. ShopHeather carries the most comfortable Workout Wear. We help to promote wellness and health through the community. We empower individuals to achieve success in all levels of health.


Finding comfortable workout outfits can be difficult. Our goal is to help ensure a durable, fit that gives the maximum relief. Our flexible, breathable Sets give you the most comfortability while engaging in any activity. The tightly woven fibers hug the body without cutting off oxygen; making it light weight and breathable. We hope to sell 100 Sets before the next year!  


We offer micro influencers a platform to promote their business. We offer a lifetime membership of all Influencers when signing up for our Brand Sponsorship. Influencers have the freedom to create, promote, and utilize their own content freely. The best part is that our Influencers can generate income by each post created. This gives Creators a chance to broadcast their Social Media’s on other platforms. With Social Media Growing, we are growing as well! We look forward to achieving a shop located on every social media domain. We’re helping to change the consumer rates to help promote small business.



We promote other small businesses so that they may boost their recognition. By supporting small businesses, you’re essentially helping the community we live in. By keeping the economic currency within our communities, we’re stopping FastFashion and Monopolies from taking over the Clothing Industry. By supporting ShopHeather, you’re helping our family succeed. We thank you for all the support and love we’ve received!


ShopHeather started out of Heather’s house when COVID started. It took months before ShopHeather was finally created after looking and researching multiple platforms. It took months before we finally got our first Order. We didn’t give up. We kept trying new things and creating a better platform for our website to thrive on. After months of hardworking and research, ShopHeather finalized it’s current website.  By supporting our shop, you’re not only helping us achieve our goal, but you’re helping our family who created ShopHeather. With Love and Peace, we thank you so much for how far we’ve come. ShopHeather was only made possible because of the all support we were given even when times are hard. 

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